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We are committed to serving our customers with top-notch service and workmanship. We can build your brand new custom computer within two days no matter what your budget!
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ZanHosting.com is the place to go for computer repair! Our A+ Certified Technicians will make necessary repairs and improvements to your Desktop or Laptop computer right at your home. We will not charge you until the problem is identified and fixed. No service charge just for coming over. Including Home Networking!!
Our website design is for those of you that would like everything done for you, we register your domain with Godaddy.com and set up your site according to your specifications. Also, you can have FTP access if requested. Starting at only 10$/month!
Currently we have 9 slots free if you would like to have a custom server build and hosted. Starting at 100$/month. Our current servers being hosted:
  • www.zandekaron.net
  • www.perfectzan.com
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